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If you carry out a process like event management then Event WhatsApp Group Link will be a resource for you. From where you will be able to book and accept the booking. You can use WhatsApp groups to make any kind of booking nearby.

If you are doing a course like event management, then by joining the event WhatsApp group, you will get guide tips and tricks related to various types of event management and you will also be able to get notes. Before taking any decision, it will be mandatory to follow the rules and regulations of the group.

Active Event WhatsApp Group Links

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How to Join Event WhatsApp Group?

If you organize programs like events, then you will be able to join the event WhatsApp group by knowing the process of joining the group given below. After following the procedure mentioned below, there will be no need to follow any other procedure at all.

  • Click on the join link given above.
  • You will be redirected to the WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the join button in WhatsApp.
  • You have successfully joined the WhatsApp group.

Rules for Event WhatsApp Group

If you do not follow the following rules, you will be removed from the group. Once you leave this group, you cannot join it again. Follow all the rules of the group carefully so that you do not face any kind of problem.

  • Do not discriminate against any member.
  • Follow all group rules
  • Do not disrespect any person or community in the group
  • Do not fight with any member of the group.
  • Do not violate any group rules


If you are also interested in getting information related to event management or are doing any kind of study related to it, then you can join the Event WhatsApp group. Do share these groups with your friends so that they can also get information related to the event by joining these groups.

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