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If you are also looking for a Shillong WhatsApp group for a long time, then join this WhatsApp group, it will give you all the information about Shillong. To join the Shillong WhatsApp group, you will find its link below, with the help of which you can join this group and receive daily new notifications and updates from it.

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, it is very famous for its nightlight and the culture here is very charming, any person can go here and enjoy the charming culture here. Shillong is named after the very powerful deity u blei Shillong who is revered by the people even today. Shillong is the headquarters of the hills, the hills here are very attractive and attractive to any person.

Shillong has a large number of educational institutes, colleges, hospitals, coaching centers, etc., due to which children from far and wide come to Shillong to get a good education. The population of Shillong is also very high, due to which there is always a crowd of people here. All places have their own special language, in the same way, the most spoken language of Shillong is Khasi and Garo.

After joining this group, you will get more different types of information related to this and after joining this group, and after getting all kinds of information about Shillong, this important and special tourist destination, you can also go here for tourism. Also, if someone around you wants to visit Shillong as a tourist destination, then you can also tell them this information so that they can get the information beforehand when they go to Shillong.

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